Banners are your personal Billboard, what will you say?

April 13, 2015 | By webadmin

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of business cards. Now, it is the time for banners to shine! Literally, April and May are the months in Colorado that bring the surprise snow, but they are only a sign of spring’s arrival!

Ok, but, what does this mean for your business? Opportunity. Yes, the opportunity to put your ideas, product, specials or even just your logo printed on a bigger than life banner that will get in driver’s faces every time they drive by your store front. Banners, teamed up with business cards and logos make for an original and personal- and affordable way of branding your product and business. You see, people might have heard of your business’ name, they may have interest in stopping by, but with the busy life most Americans lead, we constantly need a reminder of what we plan on doing. Banners are effective when it comes to reminding people of, well, anything- 20% OFF, Grand Opening, Taxes, Under New Management- you-name-it.

This is the time to come up with offers and maybe just even a logo and a website to remind potential customers of your business’ existence. It is simple, if you own a taco restaurant, you print a banner with a picture of a delicious taco with the name of your restaurant and the phone number. After you print this banner you place it in front of your store, making sure it is big enough for driving traffic to see it- chances are, during rush hour, you will attract the hungry drivers that will not be able to resist the temptation of tasting a taco as delicious as the one on your banner. It is simple and effective. They are an easy way of sharing with potential customers what makes your business different and special among the others.

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