Cost of failing to hand
out your business card.

February 17, 2015 | By webadmin

Most people have an idea of how much it costs to print a set of business cards, it depends on what design you have on it, whether you design it yourself -skilled or not- or if you have a professional create that design, along with the quantity and quality of the business cards. Yet, how much is it costing you not to hand those three-and-a-half-by-two-inches pieces of paper?

To be honest, hundred or thousand dollar amounts depending on the size of your company. The thing is, although business has gone virtual in the last few years- the basics of print marketing are still, well, basic. Online marketing will expose your business, products and ideas to a global market, but no online presence can make up for one-on-one contact. That is, a pop-up ad on a famous search engine, will never equal the personal interaction you can have with a potential customer- from introducing yourself and your product, sharing your experience and expertise, shaking their hands, making eye contact, pitching your ideas and prices on the spot, to finally hand them your authentic business card-sizes piece of art and information. Magic. You do not need to be an expert to know that:

  1. You have made an impression. If you were confident on your product and business, you kept eye contact and gave them a strong hand-shake (alright, the hand-shake may not be a great factor for all people, but some do consider this a plus when trying to make an impression). Also, you handed them a perfect and original business card, see the pattern, here?
  2. You are more likely to make a sale. Since you briefly, but confidently, introduced your ideas to your potential customer and -even better- you have given a face to your business or product. That customer is more likely to call you over the other 50 shops that offer the same service or product simply because they liked you. Although, if you failed at making a good first impression, they are less likely to choose you over the competition- so know your product and your market.
  3. Your money is in active stand-by. Let me explain this, business cards cost a slice of your budget- however small, but they have the potential to win a bigger slice for your business. That is, if you print 1000 business cards, but hand out only 250, you basically lost 750 opportunities to make a sale- assuming that that customer only did business with you once, but what if that customer turned into a returning customer, see my point? This is active stand-by, handing out the entire 1000 cards and creating 1000 opportunities to make a sale- setting the odds in your favor.

What you will make of your business cards is entirely up to you, but know that they are still a basic and important part to any businesses’ success. Having business cards designed and printed to then forget to hand them out just amounts to a frozen investment, which in turn is a frozen profit.