What is Identity? Really?

October 21, 2014 | By webadmin

What is Identity? Really? “Identity” is almost synonymous with “individual.” So lets start here, with the individual.

We are all created the same way. We come from other men and women. I suppose there are a few exceptions to this, but for the most part the “birds and the bees” was told to us in one way or another. That’s where the individual begins. We go through stages of life including but not limited to infancy, childhood, young adult, adult, and old age. In infancy, we begin with a sense of one or dependency on another human to take care of our needs. This human is the first contact with the Individual, or baby in this case. Keeping in mind the human offering support to our baby, came from the same beginning and also had a predecessor, or older human to take care of it. This humans predecessor was their first contact, and the cycle continues almost forever.

Our baby comes with almost no information about the World we know to exist. It eats, sleeps, poops… and that’s about it. It doesn’t think about making the bed, or making money for food. We aren’t sure what a baby thinks in it’s infant stages of life, we can only track what they learn and how they learn. Over a period of time the baby grows to a level of development where it is aware of the other individual that is caring for it. They recognize it as being separate, or not the same. This stage is where the individual starts to make choices as to who and what they will become and are. They make these choices off of the limited interactions with people in their lives. These interactions are both positive and negative interactions. Some stronger than others, but all having an effect on the outcome of this new persons individualism.

Right at this point, this very moment of time the individual acts on it’s own free will. This free will is predetermined by their interactions with people before this event. Watching and studying how others interacted with others. Making small judgments and ultimately creating it’s first “act of free will.” If its interactions prior to their first “act of free will,” we’re more positive than negative, then our individual will act in a positive way. If their interaction were more negative, then, they are more likely to act in a negative fashion. Either way the next part of the individuals development is noticing how it and it’s actions have been received. Again making a positive impression or negative impression, causing that individual to act accordingly.

This stage of development goes on for years, and could go on for a lifetime. Positive and negative experience guide how an individual is presented and received. During this time other people interacting with our individual have the ability to change how they see our individual, causing our individual to change, even if it ever so slightly.

If you are still with me… All individuals are always in a constant state of change, while interacting with others. Making identity an ever shifting entity.

The idea of brand Identity was introduce by marketing, as a way of talking about your brand, or products. It was a way to help establish credibility within a community. Once your business’s identity was recognized through its community, it would reach a young adult stage. As it gains more credibility people begin to trust them more as if it were an adult. Soon the business would be what’s called “grandfathered in.” Which means, they have being doing businesses for a long time.

As a business owner you may not have had the experiences necessary to keep up with current marketing trends. This is a huge problem for any business. Not being aware will not only hurt your business, but will also decrease your brand visibility and credibility.

As social media grows, more and more opportunities are missed as well as created. With the correct focus and representation taking advantage of these new opportunities is easy. By continuing to not participate in social media you miss out on those opportunities completely.

Also as social media grows so does the amount of time you need to invest in it. With 5 popular hangouts online, it has become a part time job maintaining your online presence. If you are not maintaining your identity online or are not even aware that you have an identity online you are doing a dis-service to you business as well as any employees you may have.

By securing a social media manager you no longer have to worry about your online identity. You can focus on what you know and that is your business. We can focus on maintaining a positive experience online while tracking and target marketing individuals appropriate for your business needs. See Automatic Gate Tech for more info.

As your identity continues to fluctuate, it’s better in the long run, to keep up its appearance up. By hiring a professional to take care of that identity is the most productive thing you will ever do for your company and its employees.